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Did you know that the two most common questions about TV antennas are about picture quality and installation/antenna type.   And no you don’t need  to crawl on your roof if we do it for you!


Picture Quality
The quality of the picture you get might actually be better than what cable provides. “The signals may be less compressed,” says Claudio Ciacci, lead television tester for Consumer Reports. “And many stations now offer subchannels with programs such as older TV shows or public channels that may not be available on cable.”

Several things can affect the quality of your reception, but the main factors are your distance from a broadcast tower and whether there are any obstructions, such as trees or mountains, that can get in the way. Websites including and TV Fool can help you make an informed guess as to the type of antenna you’ll need and how many stations you can expect to pull in. Plus you won’t have to lay out a lot of money to find out whether an antenna works well at your home. Indoor models sell for as little as $20, and even relatively pricey models typically cost $80 or less.


This might seem like an even bargain a year or two down the road, when a new over-the-air standard called ATSC 3.0 launches. Among its key enhancements is that it can carry internet content alongside traditional TV broadcasts. That means you may be able to stream some shows right over the air.

The new broadcasts will also support 4K video and high dynamic range (HDR) content


Though it can be useful to have an antenna on your roof, indoor antennas work but not as well (That’s why we are here!). What’s more, they look better than the old-fashioned rabbit-ear models with the tinfoil flags that people used to add to them. Companies such as DTS/MK offer new, more attractive designs, including flat models that can be painted to match a wall.  


Bottom line is if you want to save money then our TV antenna installation service is what you need today!



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